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Gravesite Care

These are just some of the services we offer in our packages!

Since each cemetery is different we offer you a customized plan to best suit your needs!



At each visit, we give the monument a light cleaning and rinse, remove any weeds and trim around the monument if applicable.


Flags for veterans will be ensured on Memorial Day. Correct war markers will be researched and obtained for you through the VFW.


Flowers are chosen based on the time of year and each specific cemetery's regulations.  

Confirmation Photos 

After each visit, we will send you a high quality picture of your loved one's monument to confirm the completed job.


Wreaths will get placed in December for the holidays if it complies with the cemetery regulations.


We will communicate with you if we find any damage or changes to the monument during our visit and recommend a solution with local partners or with the cemetery.

Historical Research & Family Books

     Let us compile a customized book of your family's history!  This leather bound keepsake makes a great gift or family heirloom.  Even if you do not know a lot about your family tree, that's not a problem!  We do the research for you!

     Since each family is unique, pricing can range from $250-$500 depending on the amount research and size of the book. We would love to speak you and create you a customized quote for your family!  Please start by filling out our form below.

sample book 1.PNG
sample book 2.PNG

  If you just want to learn more about your family without the book, we can help you with that!  We have years of genealogical experience and would love to do the digging for you!  Cost for  research is based off of time and documents and photographs found.  

Learn more by filling out our form below!

Have questions about our services?  Send us a Message!
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