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     In the summer of 1992, Jeff and Beverly Lytle were visiting and tending to the grave of Jeff’s Uncle at Elizabeth Cemetery in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Their children, Bill and Julie were playing nearby in the cemetery when Bill found the gravestone of Isaac Wycoff, a Sergeant in the Civil War who had died at Gettysburg at the age of 24.  He asked Jeff and Beverly whether they could also plant a flower at his grave, and a tradition was born.  The Lytle family has planted flowers and maintained Isaac’s gravesite ever since.

Isaac Wyckoff

Isaac Wycoff

        Jeff Lytle taught history locally for over thirty years before retiring in 2010 and was always most excited and passionate about the Civil War, leading groups of students to Gettysburg every year.  And Beverly, a skilled researcher, has always enjoyed investigating, tracing, and documenting their family’s lineage.  Particularly on Jeff’s side of the family as his parents passed away when he was young and he knew little about his extended family.

The single flower planted on Isaac’s grave sparked a mission to investigate, remember and honor those who have come before us.  By the late nineties, the Elizabeth Cemetery had become overgrown and was vandalized.  Howell Craft Inc., a local business in Elizabeth, PA, organized the restoration of the damaged stones and cemetery. Jeff and his students at the Pleasant Hills Middle School commemorated the event with a ceremony.  It was also during this time, while continuing her research, Beverly discovered that Sergeant Isaac Wycoff was a distant relative of Jeff’s.

                                                                 gravesite that cannot be visited and maintained otherwise.  The Lytle family will develop a custom plan based on your needs to assist you in your desire to maintain and care for the gravesites of your loved ones.


     Remembered Roots was founded by Jeff and Beverly’s daughter Julie, who is excited to provide the opportunity for others to participate and support her family’s mission to remember and honor the memory of those who have passed on.  She recognizes that many people want to maintain the graves of their loved ones but are unable due to physical, geographic or time limitations.  As a small business in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, her goal is to provide a service to those with loved ones buried in one of the many local cemeteries.  Whether it is maintenance of a grave so that when your family visits, you can simply enjoy your time, or if it is maintenance of a 

PHMS Ceremony at Isaac's Grave

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